Patrick Carney’s Hilarious Rebuttal to Bieber fans #nofilter

So apparently Justin Bieber fans and the Black Keys’ drummer: Patrick Carney don’t mix.  Patrick Carney has been poking fun at the Biebs via his Twitter and Instagram accounts by changing all of his pictures to a picture of Justin with his (Patrick’s) face photoshopped on top of Biebers.  As if the photoshopped picture wasn’t funny enough, the comment that accompanies his picture on Instagram is pretty classic: #nofilter.  Who needs a filter when the picture says it all?  Bravo Mr. Carney.  Bravo.

The Biebs v Patrick

The Biebs v Patrick


Oscars 2013: Les Misérables or C’est Magnifique? I like to think the latter.

Big Winners!

Big Winners!

My favorite night in Hollywood has come and gone once again, but not without its fair share of controversy.  After taking to my Twitter account last night to live tweet details of the show, I must take to my blog to rehash all the fun and cringe-worthy moments:

1.  The Oscar’s version of Dancing with the Stars.  Channing and Charlize dancing around Seth just looked like a really awkward three-way.  Also the jury is still out on the boob song: funny or low-brow comedy at its worst?

2. Kristen Stewart.  Her crutches.  Her discomfort on stage.  UGH.

3.  I feel like Jennifer Aniston got a last-minute call to come and present at the Oscars after the Academy confirmed Brangelina (and her right leg for that matter) wouldn’t be there.

4. Catherine Zeta-Jones’ performance of “All That Jazz.”  One: she was lip-syncing and two: her dancing was extremely robotic and strange to watch.  It’s weird that the Academy didn’t mention to anyone, prior to the show, that the 2013 broadcast of the Oscars was the official unofficial tribute to 2003’s Best Picture: Chicago.

5. Ben Affleck’s attempt at insulting Seth after Seth unceremoniously brought up the flop of the century: Gigli.  Ben was visibly irritated by the jab and retorted by saying (paraphrased): Seth, I thought the show was going well, uhhh, so maybe you can still turn it around.  What the what?  Makes no sense Affleck.  Although, Affleck winning an Oscar was the best revenge to the Gigli jab, or Gigli in general.  I might also mention when Seth made this joke my mom’s response was: “I liked that movie!”  Of course you did Mom.

6.  Babs!!  Memories, of the way we were! Of course Barbara came in and killed it.  I can only imagine Lea Michele, her crocodile tears, and Ryan Murphy watching the Oscars together and writing their next Glee episode.

7. When the cast of Les Miz came out and performed I got chills, and I felt it should have won Best Picture on that performance alone.  It was so powerful because it’s reminiscent of the stage production where Les Miz really comes to life, the screen version didn’t do it justice.  Samantha Barks truly shined on stage in her natural setting.

8. Quentin Tarantino basically killed it with his speech.  #peaceout

9.  So I am very happy to say that Anne Hathaway did not annoy me one bit this show.  She actually prepared and delivered a lovely speech.  Since she was a shoo-in for the win there was really no way she could get away with the whole flustered act.

10.  Now speaking of flustered acts: oh sweet J.La.  I know you’re a self-proclaimed tom-boy and don’t really take to these kinds of fancy events but seriously your speech?  Your fall?  Completely ridiculous and amateur.  Noted: she calls Robert DeNiro ‘Bob,’ obvi.

11.   Meryl Streep.  I’m still confused: did Meryl just decide that Daniel Day-Lewis had won best actor?  If I were one of the nominees I’d demand her to open that envelope; that’s not allowed, you can’t just announce the winner without looking!

12.  Michelle Obama, really?  Totally out-of-pocket, we’ve got Jack Nicholson on stage.  That’s enough.

13.  Even though Ben Affleck’s boxers were in a bunch from the Gigli comment he managed to get back on track to make a heartwarming speech for his Best Picture Oscar.  Clearly George Clooney is too cool for a speech.

14.  UGH.  Kristin Chenoweth singing is just a terrible way to end the show.

With all the ups and downs of the show, I still loved every second of it.  I typically don’t rely on the host to make or break the Oscars.  I find entertainment in the actors’ interactions with each other, the glitz and glam (the fashion of the Oscars will in be in a post to follow), and the general energy that seems to come across on stage.  Until next year Oscars!


Joe Biden is Smitten and Clinton is trying to get in on the action.

Joe Biden is smitten and Clinton is trying to get in on the action.

Is BeyoncéGate, as I am choosing to call it, officially over?!  I generally am not a huge fan of Beyoncé: I can pretty much take her or leave her, but lately she’s been hard to ignore.

It wasn’t so shocking that she was asked to sing the National Anthem at the Presidential Inauguration, considering she and her hubby Jay-Z are vocal (oh, I love a good pun) Obama supporters, but it was shocking that she chose to lip-synch a song that is emblematic of our country’s spirit, on a day that is innately American and, I believe, should be based on authenticity.

Always being one for dramatics, Beyoncé had to rip her ear piece out half way through the song (was that really necessary?) so of course she is receiving flak for not singing live after her dramatic ear piece move.  She also followed a tough act:  Kelly Clarkson singing “My Country ’tis of Thee” moments before her.  Kelly absolutely killed it: not to mention sounded completely authentic.

So after a week or so of speculation and one annoyingly conspicuous ‘twit pic’ later we have a Super Bowl Press Conference starring who else but:  Beyoncé!

"Can I Live?"  Thanks for the Twit Pic B...

“Can I Live?” Thanks for the twit pic B…

Instead of starting the press conference with the traditional Q and A she shrewdly asks “will you all please stand” and continues by belting out a live version of the National Anthem.

OMFG, really Beyoncé?!

We get it, you can sing and the irony is she sounded better doing it live and authentic to boot.  Maybe the jokes on us, was it all a publicity stunt to garner attention for her upcoming Super Bowl halftime show?  Beyoncé followed up her singing with an admission that she did indeed lip-synch while singing in front of the President, so why not have just admitted this from the get-go instead of letting the controversy ensue?  Kelly belted it out that day so Beyoncé should have too; and what if she had made a mistake while singing?  It would only have endeared her to her fans and Americans alike.  Enough said.

Beyonce AP Singing 660

Belting it out at the Super Bowl Press Conference


Side Swept Curls: Hot Trend at the Globes!

I absolutely LOVE the side swept romantic curls for a glamorous night out!  Looks like Hollywood does as well: a handful of starlets were rocking this hair style on the red carpet Sunday night (see second photo).

Here are my best side swept curls:

My Best Side Swept Hair

My Best Side Swept Hair

Looks like I am in good company with this hair style:

Globes Hair

Globes Hair


It’s Award Season, First Up: Golden Globes

It’s that time of the year again: when the Hollywood elite gets all shickered (Yiddish for drunk) and friendly.  Yes, it’s the Golden Globes.

Funny ladies Tina Fey and Amy Poehler teamed up to host the show and certainly did not disappoint.  Their opening speech was on point and definitely had some laugh-out-loud moments.

Gotta Love These Two

Gotta Love These Two

Here are some note-worthy moments (in no particular order):

Anne Hathaway, in true obnoxious fashion, did her best: I’m-so-shocked-I-won-but-I-clearly-wrote-a-speech-and-memorized-it-and-dedicated-half-of-it-to-Sally-Field. UGH.  She is officially the worst; and as if her overly wordy speech wasn’t enough, she decided to use the time allotted to the winner of the “Best Picture in a Comedy or Musical” category (which Les Misérables won) to continue her speech. WTF? #Makeitstop

Lena Dunham obviously felt competitive with Ms. Hathaway as her first acceptance speech was full of big words and wittiness; although that wittiness made her likable and set Tina and Amy up for a funny joke afterward.  Actually, the most curious part of Lena Dunham’s night, was the fact that she cannot walk in a pair of heels; and she confirmed in an Instagram photo today that she was indeed wearing very, very tall Christian Louboutins.

I can’t really go much farther into this posting without addressing the two elephants in the room: Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson.  They are the people who are about 20 years late to the prom.   I found it a bit presumptuous for Jodie to assume that we have all been dwelling and wondering if she would ever officially come out.

Her announcing (well more insinuating) that she’s gay was about as shocking as when Anderson Cooper came out: DUH!  What was more shocking was her twisted shout out to Mel Gibson (his flummoxed look aside) who, in my opinion, should be ban from all Hollywood events.

Bill Clinton arrived to introduce Spielberg’s “Lincoln” where only in Hollywood can Clinton get a standing ovation.

Saluting his Hollywood Following

Saluting his Hollywood Following

Ben Affleck was able to relish in two wins last night for “Argo:” seeing that he was snubbed in the directing category for the Oscars.

Lastly, Julia Roberts presented the last award in a chic plunging neckline jumpsuit: a hot trend for 2013.

I Love A Jumpsuit

I Love A Jumpsuit


A Very Merry Makeitstop!

Only Jessica Simpson could make Christmas even more ridiculous by tweeting a picture of her little boy girl: Maxwell, with the words written in sand: “Big Sis.”

Huh, how original J. Simps, didn’t you announce your first pregnancy via Twitter with a silly mummy pun?  You sure did! #makeitstop

She really should have planned better; we all know the only baby that matters in 2013 is the future King or Queen of England.

It's Maxwell!

It’s Maxwell!


However, today won’t be a total bust because the long-awaited film version of Les Misérables premieres.  I have seen the stage version four times and am very excited to see it on the big screen.  I live for Fantine’s dream of a better life and a tattered and hopeless Éponine.  Review to follow!


No Caption Needed

A Picture Says a Thousand Words




Merry Christmas!




Unofficial (Official) Trend for 2013: Jumpsuits

I recently decided to purchase a jumpsuit to ring in the New Year and I’m pretty excited about it.  A jumpsuit is a bold piece that plays into the dramatics of fashion and for that reason alone I love the concept.  A jumpsuit can be deceiving since it’s one piece and therefore seems easier than putting together a whole outfit but in fact it is quite the opposite: it is a unique piece that accents the body in a distinctive way.  Aside from that it allows you to play up other aspects of the outfit like shoes and jewelry.

I am seeing a lot of black jumpsuits, which I believe is the best way to go; since it is already a bold piece in concept and construction, the color black is the perfect antidote.  Check out my Pinterest board that I created just for jumpsuits to take you into the New Year and take a guess at which one I will be donning on New Year’s Eve.

By coincidence, I saw two fierce jumpsuits on Kyle Richards and Brandi Glanville (respectively) in the latest episode of the Real Housewives last night: only confirming how enamored I am with jumpsuits.  Also it’s fitting that Kyle wore a jumpsuit to host a dinner party at her house.  Traditionally, a jumpsuit is a perfect piece for the host to wear as it provides comfort and beauty.  For you viewing pleasure, take a gander at this creation by Alexander McQueen below:

I would expect nothing less from Alexander McQueen's jumpsuit; dramatics at its best

I would expect nothing less from an Alexander McQueen jumpsuit; dramatics at its best.